12 January 2011

A Spot of Cool

Well, after nearly two weeks of great weather, we have a few days of cool, windy weather to remind us how lucky we are most of the time!  It started out yesterday about 3:30 PM when a fog bank moved in from the Gulf side!  Had dense fog through the evenings then the winds picked up after midnight and today the gusts are near 30 mph and temps in low 60's.  Tomorrow's high will not reach 60 degrees they forecast.  But, by Sunday the 70's will be back.  BJ took off this AM for a day trip to Miami with the RV Park bus.  She is looking for quilting materials as she is really getting back into that craft.  She has always liked it and has made some beautiful quilts in years past, but has not spent much time on it for the last 20 years.  The RV park sets up these trips periodically and this is the first time she has taken one.  She signed up about a week+ ago but it did not dawn on her until yesterday this is an "ALL" day trip.  They left at 8AM and will not be back until 8PM!!  I don't think she will sign up again.  But, this time some of the quilting ladies were going and I think she was more interested in that when she signed up.
BJ and her blu-boy

I got BJ an early Valentine present.  

She is so happy with her blu-boy!

09 January 2011

2011 - Off to a Great Start

Well, the very cold and blustery weather (for the Keys) that plagued us most of Dec left with the old year.  The New Year has been bright and sunny and warm and we have been taking advantage of it.
Sunrise at the campsite

Our time on full hook up came to an end on 3 Jan so we moved over to the dry camping and back on the rotation list.  It will probably take 3+weeks for us to work through the list and get back on full hook ups. 
Wahoo Key site of an unfound geo-cache

We did some geo-cachng along the beach in Key West, went up to Summerlin Key and kayaked out to Knockemdown Key and then we kayaked out to Budd Key and explored the waters off Blimp Road.
Our paddle off Niles Rd to Knockemdown Key
BJ at Budd Key

On New Year's day at the RV Park we did enjoy the pig roast.  It was pot-luck for all the side dishes and desserts and the park roasted two full pigs.  We enjoyed the camaraderie and the food equally.