16 January 2013

What a great return

to Florida!  We arrived New Year's Eve at Hannah Park on Jacksonville Beach and soon, mu sisters, Marla and CC joined us in Marla's RV and a Bill & Carol my cousins in their RV and we celebrated the arrival of the New Years on a warm clear evening.  The next day dawned bright and clear and BJ started working on the New Years Day menu.  Of course it leads off with black-eyed peas and hog jowls for good luck in the New Years.  Marla had brought some jalapeno cornbread her daughter made and it was fabulous.  We also had some ribs and brats and rice and I cannot remember it all – except for the banana pudding like my grandmother use to make!
My siblings and I (l-r Marla, Gary, CC and I)

My brother Gary and his wife, Floy, arrived and so did, our son Garrett and Rosie. 
We built a nice fire and enjoyed the company and the weather (fire was for effect not warmth, thank heavens).
Let the feasting begin!  Good food, good folks!

Bill, Gary and I fought over who got the biggest helping of the banana pudding, just like we did when Ma-maw made it.  BJ does a credible job of duplicating the delicacy. 
By the end of the week most were gone and we had a quite few days before moving over to Rivers RV west of Jacksonville to get some Service,  But weather is warm and mainly sunny.
It is good to be back in FL!

Always at home, no matter where we are!