28 August 2014

The Fishing Bear

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Well, we have not forgotten the blog!  We had a beautiful trip back through Canada to the Lower 48 but we made it quicker than we did the trip up to AK!   At the end of this I will give you some stats on the AK trip if you are interested!
We left Anchorage and headed for Tok, the city you visit twice. Spent the night there and then headed for the stretch of road we were dreading the most – the 100 miles of the AK Highway in Canada right after you enter Canada from AK!  It was rough on the way in with lots of construction, same on the way out with noticeable advance in the construction efforts!  But we made it safely, if not slowly to Haines Junction and continued on to Whitehorse where we boondocked right outside of town for one night.  Did not even unhook Oliva, we are US bound!
The next day we hit the road early headed for the Cassier Highway south to the US!  The turnoff to that highway was right before we got to Watson Lake (remember the signpost forest) and we turned right, checking off another step toward the US! 

The Cassier Highway is 450 mile long and is the westernmost road access route to AK.  It is touted as the best way to AK if you are entering from central to western WA.  What a surprise for us.  The 225 mile northern half was not a pleasant ride.  It was rough, barely paved, shoulders steep to non-existent with the normal beautiful scenery.  Pretty close to mid-point it changed to normal 2-lane blacktop road, a considerable improvement.        

About 100 mile north of the end we came to the cutoff to Steward/Hyder which were two towns about 25 mi west of the highway on the coast.  
Glacier outside Steward

Another one as we drove to Steward

Steward was a small town in Canada,  Hyder was an even smaller town in AK.  The only access to Hyder by land was thru Steward and Hyder was the go to place to see bears fishing in the creek.

Here comes the fisherman!

The fisherman surveying the creek!

He has his eye on one!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor!
We spent two nights in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park and day between in Hyder!   
An eagle watching the fun from nearby!!
The Provencial Park on the lake where we stayed was beautiful and we would have liked to stay longer, but we are getting anxious to see the Lower 48!

Always at home, no matter where we are!!