27 April 2011

Beyond Doomsday

Well we have survived our departure from the Conch Republic and 
Reorganizing the RV
returned to the Mainland!  We spent nearly a month in Melbourne getting work done on our bodies and our home!  Refrig was rebuilt and is doing great, annual maintenance was also accomplished along with some other minor items.  BJ and I saw the docs and they declared we were alive and well.  We reunited with a number of our Key West friends that left KW before and after us and made it to Patrick AFB for a layover.  As usual we did not get as much done as we hoped to.  Did not get over to O-town to see some friends, did not get in as much paddling as we wanted.  But, BJ put the finishing touches on the beautiful quilt she has been working on for the last several months and it is spectacular.  I managed to improve my carving techniques on our Trikke and started thinking of upgrading to the bigger model. We did a major repack/reorganization of the RV, especially the basements.  Got rid of stuff we had not used and moved other stuff around to more evenly distribute the weight in the coach.  And, had to do a major reorg of the storage unit where the few remaining worldly things we have that are not on wheels are stored!!  That chore was a day long job plus a little.  

We moved on to NS Mayport in Jacksonville to visit Garrett, our son, and Gary, my brother.  Also, spent the first several days getting the front tire on my Trikke repaired after it blew out right before we left Patrick.  Met the Trikke dealer here in Mayport.  His name is BJ, too.  Turned out he was the only Trikke dealer I could find that had some T-12 models like I wanted.  Other dealers had them back ordered until June, which presented a problem since we move so frequently.  So I got my new T-12 which made BJ, my spouse, happy because she does not have to share the T-78 with me anymore.  Anybody interested in Trikke's let me know and I will send you BJ, the Trikke guy's, contact info.

One of the benefits of the Famcamp at NS Mayport is you are looking out on the St John's River at the mouth of the Navy ship basin!  So you get to see the Navy ships come and go for their sea duty.
One of the US Navy Ships departing NS Mayport for sea trials
A sub moving back out to sea after a short visit to the ship basin

We have enjoyed our week+ here but we both agree we are ready to hit the road and do some serious traveling which we have not done since last November!!  We are leaving here for Lake Waccamaw NC for a family wedding.  Then we will head on toward RI where the grandkids and their handlers are but don't plan on getting that far north until Memorial day.  We will do some touring along the way at Richmond, Washington DC, Philadelphia and other points TBD!!

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